Labour MSPs follow First Minister’s lead on second salaries


The two sitting Labour MSPs who were last week elected to Westminster have each decided to emulate SNP leader….

The two sitting Labour MSPs who were last week elected to Westminster have each decided to emulate SNP leader Alex Salmond by donating one of their salaries to charitable causes. reports that both Cathy Jamieson and Margaret Curran have announced that they will donate their Scottish Parliamentary salaries to charity.  The politicians receive their full Westminster salary but also must accept one third of their MSP entitlement until the next Holyrood election.

Cathie Jamieson said:
“The situation is that the MPs salary is paid to us, we receive a third of the MSP salary which I have met with parliamentary authorities today and I am making arrangements to use the give as you earn scheme to donate that to two charities, one is Who Cares Scotland and the other one is Combat Stress. The money I get from the MSPs salary will go straight to the two charities.”

Combat Stress has its major facility at Hollybush House within Jamieson’s electorate. It is also the East Ayrshire Council’s provost charity of the year.

A spokesman for Margaret Curran explained that the MP has yet to decide what charities will benefit but confirmed that the charities will be Glasgow based.

Labour have consistently attacked the First Minister over his dual mandate and for the fact that he was entitled to two salaries.  However Alex Salmond has always made it clear that his MSP salary was given to charity.

A spokesman for Alex Salmond said:
“Mr Salmond donated his gross Holyrood salary to a charitable trust to support youth and community causes in the North East of Scotland.  He is the first parliamentarian ever to do so, and this has resulted in over £50,000 of support to the Trust so far, benefiting over 70 local groups.

“On the First Minister’s current salary, it has been frozen at the April 2008 level, and will remain so through 2010/11 (as is the case for all Scottish Government ministers).  As said, Alex Salmond gives his gross MSP salary to the charitable trust (over £50,000 so far), plus last year’s MP pay rise.”