Labour run Glasgow Council under fire after children prevented from attending nursery


Labour controlled Glasgow Council is today under fire after it emerged parents with children at a local nursery have been told that their children can no longer attend that nursery.

Newsnet Scotland has learned that a shortage of staff caused by maternity leave has left some children without nursery education.

According to one parent, whose daughter attends Craigton Primary nursery, the council informed her without warning that her child’s place was no longer available due to staff shortages.

Newsnet Scotland understands that the shortage is caused by staff maternity leave.

Speaking to Newsnet Scotland, one mother complained that the Labour run local authority has known about the situation “for months” but had failed to find a replacement.

She added: “Labour run Glasgow City Council clearly show that the next generation’s education is of no concern.  We have no idea if/when this situation will be resolved.  Nor do we know what the selection criteria for selecting which children would not be allowed to attend.

“My daughter is in her preschool year. This is unacceptable. What do we as parents need to do to get a answers and resolution?”

The mother said that she learned her daughter’s place was no longer available in a shock phone call.

“My daughter attended nursery today from 9-11.30am as she usually does and has done since September 2013.  Nothing was said to my husband when he as usual went to pick her up.  At 2 o’clock we received a phone call from the head teacher Mr McCourt telling us that due to staff shortages and Glasgow City Council’s inability to find a replacement teacher, my daughter along with 9 other pupils in her class, would not be allowed to attend nursery any longer.”

According to the parent, the only other correspondence from the council has been a letter which stated:

“Unfortunately, Glasgow City Council has been unable to find a replacement for (the teacher) as yet.  This means we are short staffed and outdoor play will not always be available and sending home maths bags and library folders will be delayed. We hope this situation will be resolved quickly”

Newsnet Scotland also understands that the head teacher has apologised for the situation.

The mother said that she has phoned Glasgow Council but as yet has received no assurances regarding the situation.

“My daughter turned 4 yesterday and starts school in August at Craigton Primary Nursery and was only granted a place there at the end of September of last year so has had less than 4 months of her free part time nursery education.  This leaves her disadvantaged and ill equipped to deal with school in August of this year.

“My husband and I have emailed Johann Lamont who is our MSP (no response from her) and also spoken to Stephen Dornan (councillor for Govan @ GCC). Mr Dornan took my contact details and told me that someone would be in contact with me in due course.

She added: “I am dismayed at the inertia that seems to be present when my daughter’s and other children’s pre-school education is in jeopardy and this prompted me to write to you. We have been given very little information with regards to the other children this has happened to, other than the fact that this is happening to another 9 in morning class and an additional number in the afternoon class.”