Labour slammed over ‘distasteful’ attack on Swinney and wife


The Labour party has been attacked after claiming a newspaper interview given by John Swinney and his wife Elizabeth Quigley was evidence of the SNP’s links to News International.

The interview published yesterday by the Sun newspaper featured the Finance Secretary and his wife talking of her battle with multiple sclerosis and the birth of their baby son Matthew.

In the interview, the Finance Secretary’s family described their joy at the birth of the baby boy and their concerns that Elizabeth’s debilitating illness might affect her ability to lift the baby and how the couple would manage.

However Labour suggested the article was evidence of a ‘special relationship’ between News International and the SNP.

A spokesman for Mr Swinney hit back and described the criticisms as “tasteless” and said that, although the article had been published yesterday, the interview was conducted in April.

The spokesman said: “Labour’s remarks are tasteless and hypocritical in the extreme – what exactly are they objecting to?”

The spokesman added:  “The Sun interview about John Swinney and Elizabeth Quigley living with MS and having a new baby was conducted in April – or some two months before Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and Douglas Alexander were quaffing champagne and oysters with Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks at the News International summer party in London.”

This weekend it was reported that the Labour party were preparing to try to link the SNP with News International following a meeting between Rupert Murdoch and the First Minister in January.