Labour urges Scots to turn their attention away from Holyrood


By G.A.Ponsonby

Labour's Shadow Chancellor, Ed BallsLabour’s UK Shadow Chancellor has urged Scots to turn their attention away from Scottish issues, focus on Westminster, and use their vote to help Labour.

Ed Balls, in Scotland to help bolster Labour’s flagging Scottish election campaign, called for voters to use the May vote to tell the UK coalition they were “getting it wrong”.

The Shadow Chancellor claimed that Alex Salmond had not been a strong enough voice for Scotland and said that it was “essential” to have Iain Gray leading Scotland after the election.

Labour’s strategy of targeting the Tories emerged last week when it became clear that they were losing the personality and the policy war to the SNP.  Labour leader Iain Gray even used the Tory handling of the English NHS in his party political broadcast to Scottish voters.

Labour’s campaign has already suffered a huge blow when Gray fled from protestors angry at his party’s refusal to fight the £1.3 billion of Tory cuts.  Reports in the press have indicated that senior Labour MP’s are unhappy with Gray’s campaign performance.

The arrival on the scene of senior London-based figures will almost certainly fuel speculation that Gray has lost control of his own campaign.