Labour’s Sarwar claims to ‘hate’ his referendum campaign partners


Scottish Labour have been accused of “putting their loyalty to Westminster ahead of their loyalty to the people of Scotland”, after their Deputy Leader took part in a debate beside the leader of a party he boasted “most of us hate”.

During last night’s BBC Scotland Big Debate on independence, Anas Sarwar MP claimed “I don’t want this referendum to turn into a false choice between who loves Scotland and who hates the Tories. The truth is we all love Scotland, and I’m sorry Ruth but most of us hate the Tories.”

This was despite Mr Sarwar taking part in the debate on the same side as the Tory leader Ruth Davidson, against the SNP and Greens.

Commenting, SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson said:

“I’m sure most Labour voters are already deeply uneasy about Labour’s anti-independence alliance with the Tories, but for Anas Sarwar to actually boast about how much people oppose the Tories in Scotland – whilst teaming up with them during a debate – really is rank hypocrisy.

“By their own logic, Labour are putting their loyalty to Westminster ahead of their loyalty to the people of Scotland.”

During the debate Mr Sarwar also claimed his priority was to see David Cameron become the latest unemployment statistic.

Mr Gibson added:

“The SNP are just one part of a broad coalition of politicians and non-politicians who believe Scotland can become a beacon of social progress.

“Labour could be part of that coalition, but instead they choose to stand shoulder to shoulder with a Party they themselves believe most people hate.

“This totally sums up why so many former Labour figures, like Dennis Canavan and Brian Cox, became alienated by the Labour Party and now see an independent Scotland as the only way to deliver on Labour values.”