Latest poll confirms support for Yes increasing


The SNP has welcomed the latest YouGov poll showing further growth in support for Yes.

The poll puts Yes on 37%, two points higher than last month’s YouGov poll. When ‘don’t knows’ are removed this equates to a 42% Yes vote – the largest Yes vote yet to have been recorded by YouGov. Among women voters, Yes is a point higher at 38%.

Among the five polls published in March, average Yes support, excluding ‘don’t knows’, is 44%.

Welcoming this result- which replicates the pattern of a narrowing gap between Yes and No across the polls, and also reveals Yes gaining ground with women voters – Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“This is yet another encouraging poll for the growing number of people in Scotland who are seeing the gains of independence and backing a Yes vote.

“This is the seventh YouGov poll in a row that has shown steady growth in support for independence. And across the board, poll after poll is showing the gap narrowing as the No campaign’s negative agenda of fear and scaremongering falls flat – across the polls, the gap has halved since November.

“The failure of the anti-independence camp’s Project Fear is evident. As Professor John Curtice says in today’s [Wednesday] Times: ‘the ‘no’ campaign would appear to be at risk of becoming an irritating background noise to which nobody listens any more’.

“A particularly encouraging aspect of this poll is the sharp rise in Yes support among women – with the key reason being that there is a growing belief that Scotland’s economy will improve with independence.

“We know that only a Yes vote can give us the powers we need to make Scotland a fairer, more prosperous country – which is why Scotland can, should and must be independent.”