Leading Greenpeace campaigner praises Scottish government’s renewable goals


A world leading climate change campaigner has praised the SNP Government’s renewable energy policy.

Kumi Naidoo, the Executive Director of Greenpeace International, visited Edinburgh last week and hailed the SNP Government’s drive for a cleaner and greener nation.

Speaking in Edinburgh, Mr Naidoo said:

“Your country is blessed with such natural beauty and I would argue that your environment is the key capital asset of Scotland.

“The Scottish people can lead by example and make serious positive changes with regards to how we generate energy and use it.

“Scotland has the capability that by 2050, 100 per cent of its energy could come from renewable sources.

“The authorities in Denmark are looking at the Scottish policies as an example they are following with their climate change policies.”

On Saturday First Minister Alex Salmond was awarded the South Australia International Climate Change Award for Scotland’s efforts and leadership in tackling climate change.