Leading union comes out in favour of independence


postman  A leading Union has officially come out in support of independence after a ballot of members showed overwhelming support for a yes vote.
The Communication Workers Union, Number 2 Branch, which covers postal workers in the Stirling, Edinburgh, Fife and Falkirk, has voted to play an active role in the campaign for Scottish independence.

Over 4000 members were entitled to vote on the motion which read:

“This Branch recognises that the referendum on Scottish Independence, due to be held in autumn 2014, will be the biggest political decision any of us has been asked to make in our lives.

“We recognise that under consecutive governments the gap between rich and poor has widened and that the UK remains one of the most unequal societies in the developed nations of the world.

“We further recognise that round after round of anti-trade union legislation, introduced by Tory governments throughout the 80s and 90s remain on the statute book despite 13 years of Labour government ’97-2010.

“To this end we believe that the only way forward for workers in Scotland is to ensure a YES vote in the referendum and we agree to do all in our power to secure such an outcome.”

The union becomes the first to officially endorse the campaign for an independent Scotland.

The vote is particularly embarrassing for Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont who less than 12 months ago gave a speech in which she urged support for a No vote.

The union gave Ms Lamont wholehearted backing last December in her bid to replace Iain Gray as leader of Labour in Scotland.

Shirley-Anne Somerville, Director of Communities at Yes Scotland, said: “This is very welcome news and underlines the fact that Westminster isn’t working for Scotland.

“The vast majority of what trade unionists want to help make Scotland a fairer country cannot be delivered under the current constitutional arrangement.  As we recently pointed out in our report, Yes to a Just Scotland, independence is the best way to create a fairer, more socially just Scotland.”