Lib Dems call for council ‘fair deal’


The Liberal Democrats have said they are campaigning for Scottish councils to receive a “fair funding deal”. The party wants to introduce a rule which guarantees that no authority receives less than 90% of the average revenue support grant per head by changing the way in which money is allocated. This will in turn provide an extra £28 million a year for the city council and £16 million a year for neighbouring Aberdeenshire.

Former party leader Nicol Stephen said: “Once average funding slips below 90% of the average, it starts to have a major impact on core services like schools and care for the elderly. In Scotland, only five out of the 32 councils suffer this low level of funding.

“It costs just as much to deliver education and care services in the North East, but Aberdeen gets 82% of the national average funding, while Glasgow gets 120%.”

Brian Adam, the SNP candidate for Aberdeen Donside, argued: “A re-elected SNP government will introduce a funding floor with no authority receiving less than 85% of the average. That would benefit Aberdeen to the tune of £4 million next year.
And we are the only party to set aside funding to deliver that fair deal. The Lib Dems’ claims are completely uncosted.

“The Lib Dems took no action to support a fair deal for Aberdeen when they were in administration and their actions at Westminster with the unfair oil tax endangering jobs do not give me any reason to think they will be any different at this election.”