Lib Dems have ‘real solutions’ for tourism


The Lib Dems have stated that their party will boost Scottish tourism.

Yesterday, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Tavish Scott joined Mike Rumbles, candidate for Aberdeenshire West at Deeside Activity Park, a successful local tourism business.

The Liberal Democrats took quad bikes for a tour of the venue, while campaigning for Regional Development Banks to be set up.

The party say their plans for Regional Development banks would get money to businesses like Deeside Activity Park, allowing them to grow.

Commenting, Mr Scott said:

“I want to see businesses like Deeside Activity Park prosper and grow.

“Tourism is Scotland’s biggest industry. It creates and sustains thousands of jobs across the country.

“Our Regional Development Banks will get money into more local businesses, let down by the greedy banks. They would have responsibility for promoting their home region with a regional tourism policy.

“We would also examine rates holidays for seasonal tourist businesses to keep Scotland open all year round.

“Liberal Democrats have real solutions for the Scottish tourism industry.”