Lib Dems struggle for funds in Scotland


Figures published yesterday show that the LibDems struggled to match the funding of the SNP, Labour and the Tories in the last Scottish elections.

In a list of the smaller parties, it shows that Tavish Scott’s group spent £176,000 in their Scottish campaign, just £40,000 more than the Greens.

The figure was much less than the other three main parties who, by dint of having spent over £250,000, did not appear on the list.

The revelation has led to claims that the LibDems are struggling to raise funds north of the border as a result of Nick Clegg’s alliance with the Tories.  The party suffered a humiliating defeat in May’s Scottish election, and were reduced to just five seats.

This week LibDem MPs have attacked the SNP’s plans for more powers for the Scottish parliament.  The party supported a raft of extra powers prior to the Scottish election but now appear to have ditched these aims.