LibDems told by Scottish media ‘Attack the SNP’ or we’ll ignore you


Senior LibDems were told by the Scottish press that if they did not attack the SNP then Scottish newspapers would not cover their conference.

The startling claim was made by Daily Record columnist Torcuil Crichton in an interview on BBC Radio Scotland.

Mr Crichton was appearing on Newsweek Scotland and was responding to a question from the host Derek Bateman on the effectiveness of the LibDem’s strategy of attacking the Scottish government.

Mr Crichton said he would ‘confess’ to how journalism works and went on to say: “The Scottish lobby at the LibDem conference told the LibDems that they wouldn’t get into any Scottish newspaper unless they did launch attacks on the SNP.“

Last week senior LibDem politicians launched a stream of attacks on the SNP and Alex Salmond.  Michael Moore, Danny Alexander and party leader Nick Clegg attacked the Nationalists over the holding of an independence referendum and the nationalists economic policies.

The attacks were given full coverage by all of Scotland’s main stream media outlets. (16 mins in)