Libyan rebels in Megrahi snub to UK and US


The leaders of the Libyan Transitional Council have rejected calls to hand over Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi to US or UK authorities.

The announcement today by the rebel leaders will be seen as a direct snub to US and UK politicians who have insisted that Mr Megrahi should be extradited after the fall of dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Politicians in the UK have demanded that the Libyan be handed over after he failed to maintain contact with Renfrewshire council.  Reports suggest that Megrahi has been denied medical treatment as a result of the civil war and is falling in and out of a coma as he is cared for by family.

A spokesman for the rebel leaders insisted that they will not hand over a Libyan national to the west.

“We will not hand over any Libyan nationals, it’s Gaddafi who hands over Libyan nationals.”

Meanwhile Al Jazeera have reported that Gaddafi is ready to discuss a transition of power to be negotiated by his son, al-Saadi.

Moussa Ibrahim, Gaddafi’s spokesman, earlier told the Associated Press news agency in a phone call that Gaddafi was still in Libya and prepared to discuss the formation of a transitional government.

The NTC has said that there will be no negotiations until the former dictator surrenders.