Life saving charity forced to withdraw from Yes event after complaints it was political


News that a charity was forced to withdraw from demonstrating life saving use of a defibrillator to North East Fife people because they might vote YES in the referendum has caused anger in a local community.

What should have been a pleasant and uncontroversial village event at the famous Freuchie Cricket Club was almost soured by the actions of a few Better Together supporters who targeted the event because it was being run by the YES North East Fife campaign group.

A spokesperson for YES North East Fife said “This was a dreadful attack on local democracy and smacks of desperation by the London-run Better Together campaign.  We intend to look into this more thoroughly and will take advice on how best to ensure that such a thing does not happen in this area again.”

The coffee morning had been organised for Saturday 16th November by local Yes campaigners and North East Fife Women for Independence.  All villagers were invited regardless of their views on the referendum in order to create a friendly environment where the issues around independence could be discussed over coffee and cake.

A defibrillator machine – left to the village by the widow of a villager who had tragically died from a heart attack – was to be demonstrated to villagers in order to help save lives in future.

A phone call, three days before the coffee morning, complaining about the event being ‘political’ then placed the charity in an impossible position.

Event organisers say the actions of the individual has robbed the community of a valuable opportunity to learn life saving techniques.

A spokesperson for Yes North East Fife added: “When Better Together runs their local Freuchie events we certainly won’t be objecting if they wished to facilitate lifesaving skills to be taught to NEF communities.

“We were delighted that some Better Together supporters did come along to the Yes Café and actively debated with the Yes NEF campaigners who were there. Surely this is the way to engage with the community and the debate, not to shut it down at any and every opportunity?

“Yes North East Fife will continue to take our positive vision of a Scotland based on democracy, prosperity and fairness to our friends, neighbours and communities.”