Lockerbie: The Pan Am bomber


An antidote to BBC Scotland’s carnival of ignorance

It’s taken on the form of a regular parade on the airwaves of BBC Scotland, a bandwagon hitched to ignorance and manned by misrepresentation is once again being whipped up to high speed.

Mr al-Megrahi, the man whose conviction is now considered so unsafe by so many people that a (posthumous?) pardon now surely beckons, has refused to die on schedule.  His appearance, frail and gaunt, sitting in a wheelchair at a rally in Tripoli was seized on by Pacific Quay who have spent the last few days questioning the decision to release him.

On Friday the state broadcaster ran yet another phone in with Shereen Nanjiani in the chair as the usual half-truths, misinformation and ignorance were broadcast to a bewildered nation.  Labour’s Iain Gray was invited on to provide the same nauseating politicised commentary that has so infected the debate since the decision was taken to release Mr al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds.  Gray’s party’s role in oil deals, secret negotiations with Libyans and arms sales to Gaddafi an apparent irrelevant detail.

Only in Scotland would the ‘national’ broadcaster and opposition amplify and promulgate with relish any and all accusations against the nation’s medical profession, government and centuries old law.  The Lockerbie bombing has been used, abused and spat out by these politically motivated ghouls, who parade faux outrage as the real victims are forgotten.

Newsnet Scotland has chronicled the excesses of the Scottish media on this issue, mainly BBC Scotland, and few of their presenters, with the exception of Revel Alderson, emerge with any credit.  For almost £150 per year per licence we expect more than poorly informed tabloid style sensationalism – we expect journalism of the highest quality and we are being let down.

The one aspect of the whole affair that has been all but ignored by what’s left of the Scottish media is the soundness of Megrahi’s conviction.  So, rather than waste time on what’s left of the BBC in Scotland, Newsnet Scotland invites you to instead form your own judgement on the conviction of Mr Abdel Basset al-Megrahi by watching a documentary that sought to investigate some of the key evidence presented at his trial.

Lockerbie: The Pan Am bomber{/youtube}


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