Lotto winners pledge ‘seven-figure donation’ towards independence campaign


A couple who won the largest-ever EuroMillions jackpot have pledged a ‘seven-figure donation’ to the SNP’s Scottish independence campaign. 

Colin and Chris Weir who won £161 million in July have promised to donate what is believed to be the largest-ever cash donation to the SNP.

Mr Weir, 64, a lifelong supporter of the SNP, stood as a party candidate in Ayr at the 1987 General Election.  Previously, Mr Weir, a former TV cameraman, worked with Mr Salmond in the Eighties in a voluntary role on party political broadcasts.

Mr Weir offered to help finance the independence campaign after Scotland’s First Minister wrote to congratulate him on his good fortune.

Mr Salmond said: ‘When I heard the fantastic news that a Scot had landed the EuroMillions jackpot, I did wonder if this was the same Colin Weir who helped produce SNP party political broadcasts for a young party publicity vice-convener all those years ago.’

Mr Salmond ended his congratulatory note: ‘Yours for Scotland, Alex.’

Mr Weir has since met up and spoken with Mr Salmond and other senior party figures.

An SNP party spokesperson: “There is no doubt Colin is committed to the cause of independence and he even has a life membership with the SNP.”

“Colin is committed to giving a substantial seven-figure donation towards the referendum campaign in the run-up to the vote in the second half of the Parliament – he wants to help the party make a difference.”

The donation means the SNP will be able to more fully fund their campaign for the proposed independence referendum due to take place in the second half of this term of the Scottish parliament.