Marine renewables worth £76billion


by Rona Mackay

Marine renewables could be worth £76billion to the economy and support 68,000 jobs by 2050 according to a new report published by the Carbon Trust today. WWF Scotland Director, Dr Richard Dixon, said: “This study reinforces our view that Scotland could literally rule the waves when it comes to creating jobs from marine renewables. Pioneering wave and tidal energy machines here will also create a huge export industry for Scotland.

“Alongside energy saving measures, wave and tidal energy will have a critical role to play in helping Scotland reduce climate emissions and phase out polluting coal and nuclear power. Given the huge renewable energy potential around our coast, and the strong skills in offshore engineering, marine energy offers a fantastic opportunity for Scotland.

“A recent report from FoE Scotland, RSPB and WWF Scotland showed that 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2020 was possible. When energy efficiency is combined with the full range of green energy technologies a 100 per cent renewable future for Scotland is well with our reach.

“With careful planning we can harness Scotland’s wave and tidal energy to help cut our climate emissions while safeguarding the nation’s tremendous marine environment.”