Media man turned candidate helped Sturgeon prepare for TV debate

The election debate - how will it all end?


John Nicolson
John Nicolson

When SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon arrived at ITV’s studios near Manchester to prepare for the televised seven-way leaders’ debate on Thursday, former broadcaster John Nicolson was among her team of advisers.

The advisory role was another big step towards a new career in politics for a man who enjoyed a long TV career, starting at BBC Scotland before becoming a reporter on Newsnight and presenter on Breakfast News.

During the referendum John became active in the Yes campaign, and helped senior SNP figures as they became increasingly involved in the high pressure media battleground in the run up to September 18.

Now John is on the cusp of a major career change, standing for the Scottish National Party at East Dunbartonshire in a three-way fight with Labour and the Liberal Democrat incumbent, Jo Swinson. It’s a whole new experience for a man more used to covering politics than becoming part of it.

In an interview with Newsnet Radio’s Derek Bateman today, John talks about his experiences, and his hopes of becoming a Westminster MP at the SNP’s most exciting general election campaign.

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