MEP calls for Scottish Eurovision entry


SNP MEP and candidate in this month’s European election Alyn Smith has renewed his call for Scotland to be represented in the Eurovision song contest.

Eurovision, which takes place this weekend in Denmark is viewed by roughly 500 million people around the globe – and a Yes vote in September’s referendum would allow Scotland a place at the event and represent a chance for a young musician in Scotland to take part.

Alyn previously lobbied the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) on the subject, who confirmed that it would be possible to have its own entry if a Scottish broadcaster were to pick up the show.

Scotland was represented to a small degree in last year’s competition with winner Emmelie de Forest working closely with her mentor Fraser Neill – one of Scotland’s world class folk musicians – since the age of 14, including producing music with Mr Neil and touring together. Runners up Azerbaijan also enlisted the work of a Scot to write their entry for last year’s competition and proved extremely successful.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith commented:

“Scotland has a wealth of musical talent and it is a shame that we do not get the chance to showcase that on the global stage. Despite not being represented officially last year, Scotland’s talent was clear to see with Scots being directly involved with both the winner and runner up.

“The UK might treat the competition as a bit of a joke but it’s a fantastic opportunity for young musicians looking for their big break and is a fantastic economic boost for those hosting the event.

“After a Yes vote, the Scottish Broadcasting Service would join and engage with EBU competitions – giving Scotland our own place at the Eurovision song contest to showcase some of the country’s outstanding musical talent.”