Miliband weakest Labour leader for a generation


by Rona Mackay

Following Labour leader Ed Miliband’s attack on an independence referendum on the BBC Andrew Marr programme today, SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said: “Ed Miliband is the weakest, most inept Labour leader for a generation.

“Every single seat Ed Miliband visited during the Scottish election was lost by Labour to the SNP. After Mr Miliband’s electoral ‘trail of disaster’, he should have learned his lesson and stopped trying to scaremonger the Scottish people about their democratic right to choose their future – but he seems to be incapable of saying anything positive about Scotland.

“The only reason there is speculation in Labour circles about Gordon Brown’s role in a referendum campaign is because his successor is so weak.

“A period of silence from Mr Miliband would be much appreciated by the people of Scotland – and would also be beneficial to his own party north of the Border.”