Military Covenant to be enshrined in law


UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans to turn the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant into law.

The Covenant refers to the mutual obligations between the state and the Armed Forces and sets out what safeguards, rewards and compensation military personnel can expect in return for service.

Speaking over the weekend, Cameron said:

The high esteem we all have for our armed forces will soon be given the recognition it deserves – as part of the law of the land.

“The historic agreement we have reached means that, for the first time, the value we place on those brave men and women who put their lives on the line will be written down for all to see.

“I am proud to be delivering the promise I made on the Ark Royal nearly a year ago. But, more than anything, I am delighted for the people for whom this will make a big difference.”

The announcement has been welcomed by the Royal British Legion, who described it as “an historic breakthrough”