MoD criticised for spending on media personnel in wake of defence cuts


By a Newsnet reporter
A parliamentary question by the SNP’s Defence Spokesman Angus Robertson has revealed that almost 690 media personnel are employed by the Ministry of Defence.
The revelation has led to criticism that the MoD were employing a “battalion” of media people at the same time as announcing massive cuts.

The Ministry is currently under attack over cuts to frontline service personnel and basing in Scotland. 

This month an announcement confirmed that there would be job losses at an Army HQ in Edinburgh.  Armed Forces Minister Nick Harvey confirmed the 2nd Division headquarters at Craigiehall would close with the loss of 103 jobs.

Commenting on the parliamentary answer, SNP Westminster leader and Defence spokesperson Angus Robertson MP said:
“In the wake of cuts by the Ministry of Defence to frontline personnel, the closure of bases and the scrapping of essential conventional equipment programmes, people will be staggered that the same department can justify a whole battalion of press and communication officers.

“Just this month the MoD announced the loss of over 100 civilian jobs at the Army Headquarters in Edinburgh which will hit the local community.”

“Even an army of spin doctors cannot justify the crazy defence decisions the UK Government are making which has seen the loss of 10,500 defence jobs in Scotland over the last decade, combined with a defence underspend of £5.6 billion.
“The UK is making really bad decisions for defence in Scotland which leave big capability gaps.  We should make better defence decisions in Scotland and not leave it to London.”