Momentum with SNP after local by-election results


Analysis of all local authority by-elections since the May 2011 Scottish Parliament elections shows the momentum behind the SNP has continued since the party’s historic Holyrood victory with voters backing SNP candidates in local by-elections across Scotland.

With the SNP enjoying continued success in the Highland ward in Perthshire on Friday the analysis of the combined vote in all the by-elections which have taken place since May’s election show significant swings of 2.23% from Labour, 4.78% from the Conservatives and an astonishing 8.10% from the Liberal Democrats.

The SNP has gained two seats in the eight by-elections held since the elections and seen its support increase by more than 8% since the last Local Authority Elections.

Commenting on the analysis SNP Campaign Director Angus Robertson MP said:

“These are solid results for the SNP showing that our momentum continues since the May elections.

“In contrast, this analysis is bad news for LibDems showing that their vote has halved since the election. There is no doubt that this is a personal blow for Willie Rennie, who appealed directly to voters in Perthshire, but has been sent packing at the polls.

“Compared to our the 2007 local government result, which was a previous high water mark for the SNP, support is higher – and with the local council elections taking place in less than twelve months the support of the public for SNP councillors and candidates is a very encouraging sign.

“Our positive message and positive vision for the future has been backed by people across Scotland. The electorate have chosen to put faith and trust into the SNP because the SNP has faith and trust in them.

“People like what the SNP is doing.  In local communities and across the country we have delivered on the issues that matter to people – support for the economy and jobs, free prescriptions, 1000 extra police and a council tax freeze – real action with real results.

“In Government and in councils we will continue to work hard to make Scotland better and repay the trust given to us.”