More radioactive contamination discovered at Dalgety Bay


Dalgety Bay may become the first area in the UK to be designated contaminated land after further radioactive contamination was discovered.
Campaigners have revealed that more radioactive contamination has been discovered buried at a nearby wood.

The latest contamination follows demands by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) that the MoD clean up the area.  It comes on top of significant discoveries of radioactive material found on the beach last year.

The contamination is thought to be the result of an old wartime base used to store world war 2 aircraft.

Former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who has only recently joined calls for the MoD to clean up the area, has come in for criticism following revelations that he did nothing when in power.

A report compiled when he was PM revealed that MoD scientists had refused to handle the material for fears it could lead to cancer.

SEPA has given the MoD until the 31st of March in order to clean up the area.  If the MoD fails to do so then SEPA has indicated it will designate the land contaminated.