Murdoch attacked as he gives evidence


by a Newsnet Reporter

A man has attempted to attack Rupert Murdoch as the media tycoon gave evidence to a parliamentary committee looking into the phone hacking scandal.

The attack happened some 2.5 hours after the meeting started when a man dressed in a checked shirt lunged at the media tycoon and attempted to throw a white substance, believed to be shaving foam, over him.

A shocked Mr Murdoch sat helpless as his wife grabbed the man and security personal rushed to intervene.  One person was later handcuffed and removed from the committee meeting by police.

Rupert Murdoch was giving evidence along with his son James into the phone hacking scandal that has mired News International in controversy.

The scandal has led to the resignation of the Metropolitan Chief of police and his deputy.  It has also led to the arrests of ten people, including former News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks.

Rupert Murdoch admitted that he had made mistakes and said he was “deeply sorry” about the events.  The media mogul said that appearing in front of the committee was “the most humble day of my career”.

Mr Murdoch acknowledged the grave nature of the scandal and said that “invading people’s privacy by listening to their voicemail is wrong; paying police officers for information is wrong.  Saying sorry is not enough, things must be put right, no excuses.”

After the attack, a man thought to be Johnny Marbles, an anarchist comedian, was taken away for questioning.|400|300{/youtube}