Murray insists he was right and SNP was wrong on discipline issue


By Reporter

Craig Murray, the Foreign Office whistle-blower rejected by the SNP as a UK election candidate, has defended his decision to go public about the affair.

Ex ambassador Craig Murray
Ex ambassador Craig Murray

Murray, the former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan who was fired soon after making public his concerns about torture tactics undertaken on behalf of the CIA, claims that he was removed from the list of potential candidates for the SNP’s Westminster campaign next May after giving the “wrong answer” to a question aimed at testing loyalty and adhering to the principle of party discipline.

He spoke in an exclusive interview earlier today with’s Derek Bateman.

The affair has sparked debate among SNP supporters, most of whom appear to back the party position on social media, although Murray claims he has received a great deal of support from others who back him.

Labour has attempted to exploit the affair, a move derided by Murray himself, who points out that the same party has tried to paint him in the past as “crazy, mad and dangerous”.

He compared Labour’s campaign to “a dying cockroach twitching its legs”, and added that he would be “mortified” if he thought that going public about his SNP rejection gave Labour any advantage at all.

Although he accepted the need for the SNP to adopt a highly disciplined approach to Westminster after the May poll, he added: “I certainly hope I am a loose cannon. I don’t want to be tethered.”

Murray says that until the SNP rejection he had attracted interest as a potential candidate from two SNP constituency parties (Falkirk and Airdrie & Shotts). He will continue to support and campaign for an SNP victory at the polls.