Mystery over how Labour would fund GARL manifesto commitment


by Rona Mackay

Labour face questions over the credibility of their unfunded plans to spend millions on a link to Glasgow Airport after missing the funding out of their manifesto costings.

Alternative funding through Network Rail is already allocated to projects like the Edinburgh-Glasgow Improvement scheme.  Investing that funding in GARL would mean delaying that scheme, but no-one from Labour has confirmed or denied that would be the case.

Labour’s Glasgow press office failed to return any of Newsnet’s calls after repeated requests for them to explain just how the rail link, estimated to cost around £210million, would be funded.

The SNP candidate for Maryhill, Bob Doris, said: “Labour’s plans have fallen apart on day one. Without a full funding plan and details of what they will sacrifice to pay for this scheme they simply cannot be believed.

“Either they have no intention of re-introducing it or no idea of how to pay for it.  Delaying the improvements between Edinburgh and Glasgow would be ridiculous.  Labour’s promises are uncosted and unfunded.”