National literacy survey shows Scots schools performing strongly


Scotland’s first national literacy survey has shown the strong performance of Scotland’s schools in ensuring that pupils are equipped with the essential literacy skills that are critical to a child’s education.

The newly released figures show that over 93% of pupils at all stages of education are working at or exceeding the expected level for reading and writing.

In reading, 99% of primary 4 pupils, 90% of primary 7 pupils and 90% of S2 pupils were working at or above their expected level. Meanwhile in writing, 98% of primary 4 pupils, 90% primary 7 pupils and 90% of S2 pupils were at or above their expected level.

With the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence having made improving literacy skills the responsibility of all teachers, today’s publication is the first survey of its kind since the changes came into effect, and provides a strong baseline upon which further improvements can be built.

Commenting, SNP MSP Clare Adamson who sits on the Education and Culture Committee said:

“These figures show that schools across Scotland are performing strongly, and doing an excellent job in teaching the literacy skills that are so vital to a pupil’s education.

“The introduction of Curriculum for Excellence has made it the responsibility of every teacher to improve the literacy skills of pupils, and will drive up standards in the area.

“This is the first set of statistics of its kind, and provides a baseline that will see the already high standards that have been achieved built on in future years.

“Ensuring that school pupils achieve the levels of literacy they should be at is integral to them making the most of opportunities all through life.

“The SNP Government is determined to break the link between deprivation and literacy, in order to ensure that every child in Scotland gets the best possible start in life which a good education offers.”