NATO intensifies attack on Libya


Early yesterday morning, NATO aircraft struck at least 15 targets in central Tripoli in an ongoing attempt to force Muammar Gaddafi from power.

Libyan state TV station Jamahiriya has said that 19 people are dead and more than 150 wounded in what was the largest NATO bombing of the country yet. The strike lasted half an hour and targeted a military facility that had been used to attack civilians, according to a NATO official who spoke with Reuters.

While the strikes on the regime are increasing the rebels yesterday accepted an invitation by the US to open an office in Washington. The move does not constitute formal recognition but potentially indicates that the US is folllowing the example of France and other countries in partnering with the Libyan opposition.

Gaddafi, meanwhile, remains indignant and shrugged off the attacks, claiming he is untouchable due to the fact that he “lives in the hearts of millions”