Nearly a quarter of people more likely to vote Yes because of UKIP


A poll commissioned by pro-independence campaign group Yes Scotland shows that nearly a quarter of people in Scotland are more likely to vote Yes because of UKIP supporting a No vote, around four-times the number who are less likely to vote Yes.

The result is: ‘The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is urging a No vote in the referendum on an independent Scotland. Does UKIP’s support for No make you more or less likely to vote Yes?’

More likely to vote Yes: 23%

Makes no difference to how I will vote: 67%

Less likely to vote Yes: 6%

Don’t know: 4%

Blair Jenkins, Chief Executive of Yes Scotland, said:

“The fact that UKIP is working for a No vote is making people more likely to vote Yes – by a factor of nearly four-to-one.

“UKIP came fourth in Scotland in the recent European election, compared to its first place UK-wide. Westminster is dancing to UKIP’s tune by threatening to drag us out of the European Union in an in/out referendum – which is one reason why a Yes vote in September is so important.

“There is also the extreme right-wing Britannica Party – an offshoot of the racist BNP – which is now officially registered in support of a No vote, as is Mr Alistair McConnachie, who has denied central realities of the Holocaust. They are utterly unrepresentative of Scottish opinion and an embarrassment to the No camp.”