Neurosurgery figures show SNP is delivering for Aberdeen says Donside candidate


The SNP have highlighted the record of delivery for Aberdeen shown by the work undertaken by the neurosurgery facilities at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

During his time as an MSP, Brian Adam was at the forefront of the successful campaign to keep neurosurgery facilities open in Aberdeen, following the plans of the previous Labour/LibDem Executive to close them.

A newly released answer to a parliamentary question has revealed how many people have benefited from the facilities since the fight to keep them open was won.

The figures show that there have been 5,998 hospital stays at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary since 2008 by people who have benefited from the neurosurgery facilities kept open by the SNP Government on coming into office in 2007 – reversing the previous closure plans of Labour and the LibDems. Of those patients, 5,260 had surgical procedures at the neurosurgery facilities.

Commenting, SNP candidate for Aberdeen Donside Mark McDonald said:

“Since 2008 – when it was announced that Aberdeen’s neurosurgery facilities would be kept open by the SNP, and the plans of Labour and the LibDems to shut them were reversed – almost 6,000 people have received medical care at these facilities.

“That is 6,000 more reasons to vote SNP – and reject Labour’s centralising agenda.

“It is thanks to the SNP Government and the campaign which Brian Adam was at the forefront of that these people received this treatment here in Aberdeen.

“Where Labour and the LibDems wanted to take these services away from Aberdeen and centralise them, patients today are still being treated there thanks to the SNP.

“I cannot think of a clearer example of an MSP working for their constituents or of the SNP delivering for people in Aberdeen.

“The by-election is an opportunity to support local services being kept in Aberdeen, and reject Labour’s record of wanting to strip vital functions out of Aberdeen and centralise them.”