New environment laws a stage closer


The principles of the Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill have been backed by the Scottish Parliament, bringing a new era for the management of the countryside a stage closer.

Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham presented the legislation which is designed to maintain the high quality of the natural environment. It will make sure that the laws governing wildlife are responsive to the needs of economic and social development in Scotland.

Ms Cunningham said:

“These proposals take into account the many demands we put on the countryside, whether we are land managers, conservationists, deer stalkers or walkers. The Bill is designed to balance all of those needs, make sure that the law recognises them and applies balance in dealing with them.

“The impact of the Bill is wide ranging, from measures to crackdown on wildlife crime to plans to update deer management, but the overall aim is to protect the high quality of our natural environment and its biodiversity.

“The Scottish Parliament has shown its support by backing the principles of the Bill and we have taken the first step in ensuring that the countryside continues to be one of our most valuable and natural assets.”