New Glasgow NHS Figures show significant reductions in waiting times


Over 90 per cent of patients in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS area are being treated in 18 weeks or under according to newly published figures.

Figures for Glasgow published (Wed 29/2) by the NHS Information Services Division reveal that 90.2 per cent of patients whose entire treatment journey could be measured were seen and treated within 18 weeks from initial referral to the start of treatment.

This met and surpassed the Scottish government’s own ambitious self-imposed target of 90% which came into force on 31 December, 2011.

Further good news showed figures for delayed discharges from Scottish hospitals are at the lowest rate ever recorded.

Glasgow MSP Bob Doris welcomed the report, saying: “This is welcome news for Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS, as it is for health boards across the country.

“In 2007 over 29,000 patients were sitting on ‘hidden waiting lists’ not getting the treatment they needed.

“Whilst there remains room for improvement, the Scottish Government has delivered on its own self-imposed target of treating more than 90% of patients within 18 weeks.

“I commend the dedication of medical and healthcare staff for their terrific efforts in bringing about these improvements.

“Of course, these targets are only achievable with the right level of investment from government and record levels of investment in the health service from the SNP Scottish Government have made this possible.

“In the coming years we will continue to concentrate on supporting NHS personnel to achieve the best outcome for patients.

“Delayed discharge figures are greatly encouraging. Our £70 million Change Fund will rise to £80 million this year and will help to drive improvements as local authorities and NHS Boards come together to prepare service delivery. Delayed discharges are now at an all-time low and we will push this achievement further.”