New iPhone app unveiled by SNP



The SNP have revealed the groundbreaking new technology that will power the party’s campaign for the 2011 election.

The iPhone app provides SNP volunteers and candidates with everything they will need to talk direct to Scotland’s voters about next May’s elections direct from their smart phone.

The app will allow members to canvass and to keep up to date with SNP activity, connecting the SNP’s unique online canvassing technology with social media, news feeds, maps and events wherever they may be.

It will contain:

  • Access to the SNP’sonline canvass system, allowing members to contact voters near their location  or in a target seat of their choice
  • Social media networks so members can keep in touch with campaigning across the country
  • SNP policy updates and information
  • Daily campaign updates
  • Breaking news
  • Events

Unveiling the SNP app – which will be made available to party members through the itunes store, and will be compatible with other smart phones SNP campaign director Angus Robertson said:

“We have fired the starting gun on the election and are raising the bar for the other parties.

“This groundbreaking technology will give our candidates the edge as they work to make Scotland better.

“With the SNP app candidates can keep up to date with SNP news, access important policy information, stay on top of the day’s campaign developments and put the views and ideas they get from voters on the doorstep straight into Activate, the SNP’s revolutionary contact system.

“In the Westminster election we trialed this technology for our door to door canvassing system, now updated for the Holyrood campaign we are taking campaigning in Scotland to a new level as we invite people to be part of better.”