New poll shows support for independence up


The SNP has welcomed the latest boost toward independence as a Yougov poll for the Sun showed support for independence increasing.

The poll of voters conducted before the full impact of the UK Government’s intervention in the referendum debate this week shows support for independence amongst Scottish voters had increased by 4 points on last May to 33% as opposition to independence fell by 5 points to 53%.

SNP MP and Director of the SNP’s referendum campaign Angus Robertson said:

“This is a very welcome poll, confirming that support for independence is continuing to grow.  With this scale of progress in just a few short months, we are extremely confident of achieving a Yes vote for independence in the referendum in autumn 2014.

“And it is not just the opinion polls showing increased support for independence.  In the first 24 hours after David Cameron’s intervention people were signing up to join the SNP at a rate of one every nine minutes.”

1. Sun / YouGov poll of Scottish voters (Sun/Yougov May 11)
Independence: 33% (+4)
Union: 53% (-5)
Don’t know 14%
1002 voters in Scotland