New Survation poll confirms tightness of referendum race


  By a Newsnet reporter
Another poll published this evening has confirmed a tight referendum race is now certain with just eight days remaining until Scots go to the polls.
In a survey carried out by Survation on behalf of the Daily Record, 47.6% of people said they plan to vote No a week tomorrow with 42.4% voting Yes.

When undecided voters are stripped out, 53 per cent of Scots plan to vote No on September 18, with 47 per cent saying they will vote for independence.

The result confirms several other recently published polls which showed either Yes slightly ahead, No slightly ahead or a dead heat between the two.  Although not showing the same swing to Yes as other polls, the result gives Yes the highest level in any survation poll.

Welcoming a new survey, Yes Scotland Chief Executive Blair Jenkins said tonight:

“This puts Yes support at its highest yet in a Survation poll when those still undecided are included, and at 47 per cent excluding don’t knows – which confirms we are in touching distance of success next Thursday, and will galvanise all those who are wanting and working for a Yes to redouble their efforts.

“As we say in response to all the polls, we are working flat out to ensure that we achieve a Yes vote, because it’s the biggest opportunity the people of Scotland will ever have to build a fairer society and more prosperous economy.

“It is now abundantly clear that the No campaign parties are offering nothing new in terms of more powers, which fall far short of what Scotland needs. A Yes vote is Scotland’s one opportunity to achieve job-creating powers and protect our NHS from the damaging effects of Westminster privatisation and cuts.”

Better Together campaign director Blair McDougall said: “This fight for Scotland’s future will go right down to the wire, but it’s one we will win.

“Alex Salmond wants us to take so many huge risks – over our pound, pensions and NHS. The last few days have shown that these risks are real. Separation would cost jobs and push up costs for families in Scotland. This is too important for a protest vote. There would be no going back.

“We don’t need to take on all these risks. There is a better way for Scotland. We can have more powers for Scotland over tax and welfare, and keep the strength, security and stability of being part of the larger UK. For the sake of future generations we should say No Thanks to separation next week.”

The survey is published on the day that witnessed the three Westminster leaders of the London parties travel to Scotland in a bid at stemming rising support for Yes.  David Cameron joined Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg as each sought to persuade voters to reject independence and remain in the Union.

However the visit, which saw the PM and his opposition counterpart abandon Prime Minister’s Questions, was described by First Minister Alex Salmond as a panic measure.  Mr Salmond labelled the trio ‘Team Westminster’ and said Yes were fielding ‘Team Scotland’ in response.