New web portal shows extent of Scotland’s renewables progress


By a Newsnet reporter
A new website has been launched that shows the extent of the renewables revolution in Scotland.
The website contains key statistics from Scottish Renewables which indicate the scale of progress that has been made in growing the renewables sector since the SNP first came to power in 2007.

Located in a section of the existing Scottish Renewables’ website, the new portal will be continually updated as data becomes available to demonstrate the advances that are being made towards the Scottish Government’s ambitious target of generating the equivalent of 100% of electricity demand from renewables by 2020.
The current statistics show that there was an 80% increase in Scotland’s installed renewable capacity in the first four years of SNP Government, with capacity increasing from 2,674MW in 2007 to 4,842MW in 2011.  That installed capacity saw carbon emissions in Scotland reduced by 8,089,915 tonnes in 2011, the equivalent of around 15% of Scotland’s total.
Meanwhile the combined total of renewables projects in scoping, planned, consented and under construction would see a further 12,187MW added to Scotland’s installed renewables capacity.
The figures also show that 35% of Scotland’s electricity consumption in 2011 came from renewables while 11,136 people are currently employed in jobs linked to the renewable energy sector in Scotland.
Commenting, SNP MSP Chic Brodie who sits on the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee said:
“Scotland has been making fantastic strides forward in the growth of our renewables sector, which already employs more than 11,000 people in Scotland. I am delighted that Scottish Renewables has now brought all the relevant statistics together into one place.
“People across Scotland will now be able to see first-hand just how rapidly we are making progress towards our ambitious target of generating the equivalent of 100% of electricity demand from renewable sources by 2020.
“To have achieved an 80% increase in Scotland’s renewables capacity in the first four years since the SNP came to power is a great accomplishment.
“With the progress that is so clearly being made, it is no wonder that a recent poll demonstrated that support for renewables is higher in Scotland than in the rest of the UK.
“Our record of leadership when it comes to renewables is a clear demonstration of the kind of things that can be achieved when decisions are made in Scotland, by people 100% elected in Scotland.”
Scottish Renewables statistics can be found