Newsnet Radio: So what’s it like to be one of the SNP’s ’56’ ?

Patrick Grady MP

So what’s it like to be one of the SNP’s new intake amongst the party’s 56 Westminster MPs?

Derek Bateman gets into conversation with Patrick Grady, now his constituency MP in Glasgow, to talk about those heady first few weeks in Parliament since the SNP’s crushing Scottish victory on May 7 — and the realities of being in Westminster with a Tory majority Government and a rudderless Labour opposition.

Patrick Grady MP
Patrick Grady MP

Patrick, who came from third to first place against Labour incumbent Ann McKechin, describes the immediate impact on members of a group thrown together into the Westminster bear-pit, and gives a little insight into what we can expect from the SNP group during the Parliament ahead.

Scotland appears to be in a permanent state of electoral readiness, following last year’s referendum and this years UK battle, with the Scottish Parliamentary elections looming in May 2016.

One poll indicates a 60 per cent vote for the SNP next year, a vote that would wipe out Labour’s constituency MSPs and leave the party clinging to a small rump of “list” members. Can that really happen? Is there time or scope for a Labour recovery? And why would the SNP worry about that?

You can listen to Derek Bateman’s interview with Patrick Grady by clicking on the audio link above.