Newsnet Scotland – a wee update


By the Online Editor
It’s been a wee while since we provided our readers with an update of where the site is and what our plans are.
May’s election is now over four months gone and the Scottish political landscape is ever changing.  Labour look to re-invent themselves and both they and the Tories face leadership contests.  The LibDems, reduced to five MSPs are not the force they were.

The Scotland Bill is at the Lords stage and the Scottish government is now applying the scrutiny missing from the last session of the Scottish parliament.  Cracks are appearing in Calman and the Unionist parties have started repositioning themselves constitutionally.

Scottish politics is electrifying and the great debate over devo-max and independence is already underway – the status quo was ruled out with May’s election result.  We are a lucky few who are witnessing the re-birth of our nation, so let’s take part.

Newsnet Scotland is fast becoming the place to be for radical opinion and vigorous and dynamic debate.  We are still the only news site in Scotland that gives its readers the chance to write their own articles.  The quality of comment is superior to almost every other Scottish news site and much of the credit goes to our dedicated moderation team.

Regular readers will have noticed the expansion of content to include areas of Science and Health from one contributor and well researched economy pieces from Russell Bruce.  These new contributors consolidate our established names; Paul Kavanagh, Hazel Lewry and of course G.A.Ponsonby amongst others.

All our contributors are unpaid, as are our backend volunteers whose input is just as vital.

However it is in the area of visitor numbers that we have really grown.  In July when we had the restructure, Newsnet Scotland was attracting circa 35,000 unique visitors to the site every month.  Our daily visits were averaging around 4000.

This month we confidently expect unique visitor numbers to hit 55,000 and daily visits are currently averaging over 6200, page views are averging 90,000 per day – a quite staggering increase in readership that bucks the trend for most other Scottish news outlets with the exception of the excellent Scottish Review.

But that isn’t enough, we need to keep these new readers and attract more.

We are currently working quietly in an effort at setting up a reliable revenue stream through advertising and merchandising – both will take time.

Part of our plan involves finding out a wee bit about you, the reader, and with this in mind we have created a very short five question survey that can be viewed here.

With the referendum on independence getting closer every day it is vital that this independent news outlet expands and improves.  We need a counter to the traditional outlets such as the Scotsman, Herald and Record.

More importantly we need to ensure that there is at least one news site prepared to highlight the many questionable broadcasts from BBC Scotland.  The BBC has the power to set the news agenda in Scotland as we see with their sudden interest in possible local authority corruption in Edinburgh. Meanwhile the BBC continue to pretend the current disintegration of Labour in Glasgow and the very many suggestions of a widespread endemic corruption within Scotland’s largest local authority aren’t happening. 

So, please take one minute from your day and fill in our short survey.

Oh, and if you can, then please remember that any donations we receive go towards making the site better.  So if you can, then please click the donate link on the right.

All the best and keep reading and commenting
Online Ed and the team