Newsnet Scotland – An update


This is a short update to explain how the site is progressing and what the future holds.

Last month saw Newsnet Scotland hit its highest ever total for unique visitors with a staggering 29,245 unique IP addresses visiting the site.  Computer people will know what an IP address is, but for those of you who aren’t sure then it is simply another way of describing a single computer.  This means that in November almost 30,000 different PC’s logged onto the site and viewed at least one article.

In total, since our first day of launch an amazing 145,000 individual IP’s have visited the site and the site has registered over 25 million hits.

The average visitor duration is just over ten minutes and we have 1679 registered Newsnet Scotland members.

We recently re-activated the Newsnet Scotland donations button and funds will go towards paying for professionally written pieces and to help promote the site.  We recently announced a collaboration with the team behind the respected Bella Caledonia web site and we are hopeful that this will lead to Newsnet Scotland developing and evolving.

Volunteers are crucial to our success and we would urge anyone who has skills they feel may benefit the site to please get in touch.  If you have knowledge of the online advertising sector then we would be particularly keen to hear from you.

The site is currently going through a revamp and some minor issues have been reported.  We would ask for your patience and promise that these will be addressed as soon as possible.

You can contact the site team by clicking on the ‘Send as attachment’ link and then choosing the ‘Contact Us’ option.

To submit an article please choose ‘Without a category’ and select the ‘Send Attachment’ option.

That’s it for now, please keep visiting, keep commenting and most of all keep spreading the word.

Online Editor – On behalf of the Newsnet Scotland team.