Newsnet Scotland, an update


As promised, here is an update on what is happening with Newsnet Scotland.  We are aware that many of our readers have questions following the recent change in management of the site and we wanted to try and address these to reassure you that all remains well.

As many of you will know, the site had been managed for some time by a group of individuals operating as Newsnet Scotland Ltd, a company limited by guarantee.  We understand from the directors that this company is now being wound up.  For those interested, information about Newsnet Scotland Ltd is a matter of public record and can be obtained from Companies House in Edinburgh or at

As things stand none of the individuals involved with that company contribute to Newsnet Scotland any longer.  With the winding up of the company and the effective dissolution of the board then Newsnet Scotland returns to its volunteer roots.  Communications received from former directors have been cordial and they have wished us well.

We have asked the directors of the company how your donations were used and they have assured us that these went to the furtherance of Newsnet Scotland, for example by paying professional journalists to contribute articles and the creation of promotional video, as you will have seen on the site over the preceding few months.

None of the volunteers who currently manage the site were involved with Newsnet Scotland Ltd and so were not party to decisions taken.  We also had no access to financial information nor received any monies from the donations.  As such we are reliant on the assertions of the previous directors as much as you are and have found absolutely no cause to doubt them.  If we have any further information with regards to Newsnet Scotland Ltd that we can pass on then be assured that we will.   However, as the company is being wound up, it is unlikely there will be anything new.

The current team all feel that it is important to stress that we give our time freely and are receiving no payment for our services – all expenses are currently being met by ourselves.  We have though been inspired by your reactions to recent events and your messages of support and should we take the decision to resume allowing donations we will provide you with information to reassure you that the money is being used only for the purposes for which you donated it.  We want to keep your trust; disputes and distrust only serve as a distraction to us all.

Its also important to look to the future and we have many exciting ideas to continue to grow and improve Newsnet Scotland.  The coming few years will be an exciting time for Scotland as our first majority Government begins to implement change and an independence referendum decides Scotland’s fate.  We will continue to be a part of the digital landscape, to stimulate debate and offer new ideas and a fresh perspective on events.  We will open up NNS to new volunteers again and increase the diversity of viewpoints, cover different aspects of Scottish culture and society and a broader depth of news.  In short, we’re bursting with ideas and are excited and energised again.

We want you to be a part of it.

All the best from the Newsnet Scotland team.