Newsnet Scotland Announcement


To our readers,

As of May 28 2011, Newsnet Scotland is operating as a limited company (Company number 398294). The company – Newsnet Scotland Limited – is ‘limited by guarantee’. This type of company unlike a company with shareholders is generally used for not-for-profit organisations of which Newsnet Scotland Limited is one. The current board members are Alex Porter, Harry McGrath and Stephen Maxwell. This information is available at Companies House for any public enquiries. We will be posting more information about new directors with biographies soon. We fully intend to be as transparent as possible and will take steps in this direction.  

We have plans to upsize so that we can compete with the top news providers in Scotland. This is a momentous task but necessary as our aim is to drive the agenda ahead of Scotland’s national referendum on independence. We ask our readers for some patience during this planning phase.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Alex Porter
Chief Executive

Newsnet Scotland