Newsnet Scotland breaks through 100,000 visitor barrier


Readers may be interested to know that at 19:45 on 28th April, Newsnet Scotland finally broke through the 100,000 monthly unique visitor barrier.
With over three days left to run in the month, we currently stand at 100,045 unique visitors for April.

The total, currently still rising, is an incredible 6700 higher than our previous highest unique visitor total of 93,299 achieved in March this year.  Our current projection suggests that April will see a total of 108,000 people who will have visited Newsnet Scotland at least once in that month.

Incredibly, the 100,000 barrier was on course to be reached BEFORE our promotional leaflet campaign kicked in.

We would like to thank everyone who promotes the site either through leaflet distribution, emails to friends or word of mouth.

Sadly, despite seeking clarification months ago from the BBC, we remain mystified as to their criteria for determining what media outlets are deemed allowable in the broadcaster’s regular promotion of other news vendors – both in their online and broadcast services.

We continue to witness our state broadcaster read out, present to camera and provide links to exclusively pro-Union publications.

However we take comfort in the fact that, that despite an almost blanket ban by the BBC on any mention of this site, we continue to be the fastest growing online vendor of news and opinion in Scotland.