Newsnet Scotland comments


Newsnet Scotland intends to undertake an experiment to use different media for different kinds of comments.

While all comments that meet our moderation policy are welcome, “quickie” comments are more appropriately posted on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

Our moderators are spending an increasing amount of time on our Facebook and Twitter facilities, and we need to adjust our moderation resources to cover all outlets.

In order to give greater prominence to those considered posts, which add much to the site, and which frequently stem from posters intimate knowledge of the subject matter or wider reading, posting directly on site will be subject to limitations.

Specifically, on the site itself, no poster will be permitted to post more frequently than once every half hour. The intention is that posters have time to research their contributions, and help to provide an improved analysis for our readers.

There will be no such limitation on the Facebook page, and posters who simply wish to make a brief comment, or provide a link to other data are encouraged to use Facebook.

The experiment will be continuously evaluated, and the policy will be reviewed in a month.{jcomments lock}