Newsnet Scotland ‘cracks’ the BBC code … for a while


An article published by Newsnet Scotland has found its way onto a list of BBC recommended links.

The article – ‘Rangers escape transfer sanction but worse may await’ – is one of five similar articles listed alongside the main BBC article on Glasgow Rangers transfer appeal win.

The link though was not placed there by a sympathetic BBC employee, it is the result of software that the BBC use in order to locate articles similar to their own.

The algorithm looks for English based online articles and compares the text with that from the BBC article – it then selects a handful and publishes links.

The cyberbot though is not thought to be sympathetic to independence, but the publication of the link proves that there is at least one entity within the BBC who is indeed impartial.

Sadly, for those wishing to see and click the link, the site shown in the image above has now been refreshed and we have disappeared.