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23:14 We are hearing that the BBC exit poll is putting the SNP on 53% for the constituency vote and 51% on the Regional list vote.

23:47 First seat to declare may well be Glasgow Rutherglen where we may have the first real idea of any change in voting trends.

23:50 Word is that Glasgow Kelvin and Edinburgh Pentlands are close.

23:51 Rumous earlier that SNP may have taken all 5 Aberdeen seats including Aberdeen Central.

23:53 Looks like Sandra White has taken Glasgow Kelvin. Cathie Peattie in trouble in Falkirk East.

23:59 Glasgow Rutherglen expected to declare around 12.30. Labour’s James Kelly should be safe but a close result could be spell trouble for Labour in other Glasgow and Central-belt seats

12:03 Following Glasgow Rutherglen, the result of East Kilbride is expected to declare next. The seat is a marginal between Labour’s finance spokesman Andy Kerr and the SNP’s Linda Fabiani.

12:04 North & West Renfewshire rumoured to be close.

12:20 Rumours that Glasgow Cathcart, where the SNP needs a 7% swing, is closer than expected..

12:32 Very last poll before the election by The Daily Mail poll conducted by Progressive Scottish Opinion. It was carried out by telephone with a sample size of 865. For the constituency vote it suggests SNP – 51%; Labour – 26%; Conservative – 12%; Others – 7%; Liberal Democrat – 4%. For the regional vote list it suggests SNP – 53%; Labour 22%; Conservative – 12%; Green – 5%; Others – 5%; Liberal Democrats – 3%. Voting intentions were not declared by about 46% of interviewees.

12:37 SNP currently marginally ahead in Edinburgh Pentlands. Angela Constance and and Fiona Hyslop ahead on current sampling.

12:42 Labour expected to hold Glasgow Rutherglen but the margin of victory makes it a marginal in 2016

12:45 Labour hold Glasgow Rutherglen. Sources forecast SNP to take East Kilbride narrowly.

12:48 Rumours that SNP are optimistic in both Cunninghame North and Cunninghame South.

12:51 Sources claim that the SNP have taken 58% of the vote in the North East of Scotland and are now predicted to take all 5 Aberdeen seats.

12:57 Labour hold Glasgow Rutherglen. Labour took 45.1%, SNP 39.5% and Lib Dems losing their deposit. One of Labour’s safest seats, it is now a marginal.

01:03 Lib Dems may be wiped out in both Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

01:07 Sources say Nicola Surgeon set to take Glasgow Southside.

01:10 East Kilbride having a recount according to sources.

01:18 Linda Fabiani takes Labour’s Andy Kerr’s seat of East Kilbride

01:20 SNP share of the vote in East Kilbride 48%, Labour 41.5% and Lib Dems lose their deposit again.

01:34 Shock Result: Hamilton win for the SNP’s Christina McKelvie.

01:37 SNP win Hamilton with 48% with labour recording 40% of the electorate. SNP’s vote up 18% and the swing from Labour is 11%.

01:52 Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley sources say SNP confident of winning.

01:54 Sources saying that the SNP may be close to forming a majority government.

02:10 Sources saying that Des McNulty may lose Clydebank and Milngavie.

02:12 Aileen Campbell wins Clydesdale.

02:14 Aileen Campbell wins Clydesdale with 49.9% of the vote with Labour taking 35.7%. Majority of over 4000 votes.

02:19 Reports that the SNP are ahead in Edinburgh South and Edinburgh Central.

02:26 Good night so far for SNP women.

02:36 STV predictor calculates that the SNP will take 59 consituency seats. If true there will be a parliamentary majority for independence parties and so a referendum on independence is certain in the next 5 years.

03:04 Eastwood win for Labour. Motherwell and Wishaw hold for Labour with small majority. Iain Gray expected to hold East Lothian by around 150 votes.

03:06 Alex Neill wins Airdrie and Shotts with a majority of over 2,000.

03:07 Nicola Sturgeon hold Glasgow Southside by an increased majority.

03:14 Rumours that Glasgow Shettlestone is very tight between the SNP and Labour.

03:16 Dundee East majority for SNP’s Shona Robinson over 10,000

03:20 Sources say SNP have won Glasgow Shettlestone.

03:22 Both counts in Dumfries are close.

03:26 Labour hold Greenock and Inverclyde. Normally a safe Labour seat, it is now a marginal. Do Labour have any safe seats in Scotland after this election?

03:29 Tavish Scott holds Shetland.

03:32 Labour leader in Scotland, Iain Gray, narrowly holds East Lothian with a majority of around 150 votes.

03:34 SNP wins Glasgow Kelvin and Falkirk West.

03:38 Labour holds Glasgow Maryhill.

03:40 Lib Dems hold Orkney.

03:42 SNP hold Dundee West.

03:42 Edinburgh Pentlands set to fall to SNP. Charlie Gordon set to lose to SNP in Glasgow Cathcart.

03:45 Labour hold Coatbridge and Chryston.

03:46 Recount in Glasgow Anniesland.

03:48 John Mason wins Glasgow Shettlestone from Labour’s Frank McAveety.

03:51 SNP win Falkirk East and Cumbernauld and Kilsyth both from Labour.

03:57 Sources say Edinburgh North and Leith too close to call.

04:00 SNP ahead by 1 vote in Glasgow Anniesland. Another recount expected.

04:04 Labour’s Charlie Gordon loses Glasgow Cathcart to SNP’s James Dornan.

04:06 Labour hold second safest seat, Motherwell and Wishaw, by 587 votes.

04:11 Galloway and West Dumfries held by Conservatives.

04:14 Rumours that the SNP may take all Edinburgh seats and have a majority of seats in Glasgow.

04:16 SNP hold Moray.

04:16 First Minister Alex Salmond wins Aberdeenshire East with a massive majority.

04:19 Possible recount for Renfrewshire North & West.

04:20 SNP wins Strathkelvin and Bearsden.

04:24 Edinburgh Pentland won by SNP. David McLetchie loses his seat.

04:24 Labour hold Dumfriesshire.

04:28 SNP look to be ahead in Edinburgh Central.

04:32 Sandra White wins Glasgow Kelvin for SNP.

04:34 SNP win Cunninghame South.

04:38 Edinburgh Western win for SNP.

04:42 Labour hold Glasgow Pollock.

04:44 SNP win Linlithgow.

04:56 Paisley win for SNP.

04:58 Angela Constance wins Almond Valley for SNP.

04:59 Sources report Renfewshire North & West win for SNP.

05:01 Edinburgh Southern win for SNP. Jim Eadie takes the seat from Mike Pringle.

05:10 Derek Mackay wins Renfewshire North & West for SNP.

05:18 SNP hold Cunninghame North.

05:20 Labour hold Renfrewshire South.

05:22 Edinburgh Eastern held by Kenny MacAskill for the SNP.

05:24 Declaration due in Dumbarton in around 15 mins.

05:26 Mike Rumbles loses Aberdeenshire West to SNP.

05:27 Labour concede Glasgow Anniesland. SNP’s Bill Kidd wins with a majority of under 10 votes.

05:31 SNP hold Banffshire and Buchan Coast. Labour hold Dumbarton.

05:33 SNP win Edinburgh Southern from Lib Dems.

05:36 Edinburgh Northern and Leith held by Labour’s Malcolm Chisholm.

05:38 John Swinney holds Perthshire North.

05:46 Marco Viaggi wins Edinburgh Central.

05:50 SNP win Carrick and Cumnock.

05:52 SNP win Aberdeenshire West from Lib Dems.

05:54 Sources reporting that Lib Dems could be reduced to around 7 seats.

05:55 SNP win Clydebank and Milngavie. SNP win Glasgow Anniesland.

06:04 SNP hold Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley


Newsnet Scotland Election Team signing off. We hope you enjoyed our election night coverage.