Newsnet Scotland interview with Dr. Mark McNaught


  In this interview American Dr Mark McNaught reflects on his motivation for writing for Newsnet Scotland and participating in the independence referendum debate. 

Given the deep yet understandable cynicism many Scots express towards politics, but also given the magnitude of the historical opportunity granted to Scots, he laments on the simplistic and puerile way in which the media has been covering it.

He expresses confidence that once Scots realise how a better society can be constructed, they will vote ‘yes’ overwhelmingly.

Given its relatively small size, Scotland has a unique opportunity to adopt a written constitution which creates a very advanced legal and regulatory structure.  Scots can construct a highly democratic, corruption-free political system.  All they need to do is take it and do it.

If Scots do indeed vote ‘yes’, the British Empire is extinguished, and Westminster will wake up to a very new reality.  While Scots will embark on a mission to create a better society, Mark reveals his hopes that the r-UK will join them in constructing a feudalism-free modern democratic government for their remaining nations.{/youtube}