Newsnet Scotland – moving on and up


By now most of our readers will know that Newsnet Scotland is now under a new management team consisting of the founder together with trusted contributors and volunteers.

These people carry out their duties for free and are absolutely committed to making this site the best it can be.

Last weekend saw the inaugural meeting of this new de-facto board.  The meeting was held within the shadow of Glasgow University and the inspirational surroundings lent themselves perfectly to the sense of excitement and ambition within the new group.

Our last management team had planned and were trying to implement a rapid growth process that involved a gradual reduction of volunteer ‘citizen’ type content and an increasing reliance on professional output.  This worked on some levels and saw some excellent content from well-respected Scottish journalists.  However its continuation relied on a steady income stream that, as has become apparent, hadn’t yet been established.

The strategy of the new team will differ and will focus heavily on consolidating the very best of our citizen journalism in order to build a solid bedrock of reliable and informed opinion at low cost.  When funds allow we will slowly start to consolidate this firm base using the services of professional journalists and commentators.  The absolute focus will be on site content and sustainability.

I’m sure you will agree that Newsnet Scotland’s content this last 14 days has been impressive and our coverage of the News of the World scandal has been up to date and informative.  This has all been done without spending one single penny – save for modest expenses met out of the team’s own pocket.

In truth, as things stand we have no funds and if we are to continue then we simply have to address this.  Fundraising is one of the areas that we are targeting and two members of the team have been earmarked specifically to this area.  In time we hope to be able to use the Newsnet Scotland brand in order to generate income, we are also hopeful of attracting regular advertising.

With that said we are keen to hear from our regular readers suggestions on how best to generate income and grow the site.  We appreciate our reader base is loyal and informed and it makes sense to tap into this rich vein of experience and expertise.  Starting today we have introduced a special contact form that will give you, the reader, the opportunity to send your suggestions and ideas direct to the team.  We cannot guarantee a reply but rest assured each and every one will be read and where possible acted upon.

In terms of financing in the short term we will have to rely on donations from our regular readers.  Unlike the last donations facility we have not introduced a subscription option, instead donations have been reintroduced using a one off button that allows sums from £1 upwards to be donated.  Later there will be details of a bank account for those reluctant to use Paypal but who nonetheless wish to donate.

Within three years Scotland will face a referendum on her future and we aim to be around to influence the debate.  We believe that we helped negate the worst partisan excesses of the Scottish media in the last Scottish election and with your help we will act as a counter again.

So, if you want to see Newsnet Scotland thrive and play an even bigger part in the forthcoming referendum debate then why not become part of it and lend a hand in any way you can.  Remember, we, none of us are doing this for personal gain – and that is our great advantage.

All the best – from the Newsnet Scotland team, and remember to update your links to our new Facebook page.