Newsnet service outage, a correction


The Newsnet Scotland website has resumed almost normal function and the cause of the service disruption yesterday has been located.  We have been able to decipher that it was not a D DOS attack as previously thought. The matter is that an adjustment to a module created in essence a shortcut which caused a high volume of cyclic activity in the server. The hosting service provider had no alternative but to shut down the site.

In an attempt to resolve the problem quickly and respond to a high volume of enquiries regarding service disruption we sought advice from external advisors and understood the feedback information as confirming an attack. You will be pleased to know that we have put procedures in place to ensure that such a problem does not occur again.

We regret the inconvenience caused to our readers by not being able to access our site and we would also like to thank our readers for the ongoing support seen through the numerous comments and constructive criticism on our outage article. We stand by our hosting provider’s decision to remove the site from view till the problem was resolved.

We regret alarming our readers and would like to reassure you the team remains committed to bringing you new fresh news content every day.  Newsnet Scotland will continue to report and publish our perspective on Scottish politics and current affairs.


Alex Porter
Chief Executive {jcomments off}