The Newsnet story and getting ready for indyref2


By Russell Bruce

Now is the time, in the lead-up to indyref2, for a new phase in our development. Please support our fundraiser with whatever you can manage.

Newsnet is the oldest independence supporting news site. Since it first launched in March 2010 there has been a growing number of independence-supporting websites. They are our companions, not our competitors. The competition is the unionist owned, foreign owned media.

Newsnet is moving and relaunching. We have to vacant our current shared server and move to a dedicated server so Newsnet is press ready to write the stories about a changing Scotland with the power to deliver these stories to you, our readers.

After publishing over 10,000 articles and engaging with very many readers, the database is massive and cumbersome with over 250,000 comments and 10,000 readers logged to post comments. The sheer scale of the database means a major clean up is required before the new site goes live. Newsnet is more than just a blog.

With increased capacity to make more use of images and graphics in stories, mirroring major online news development, the amount of data stored will only increase. It’s organisation needs to be sophisticated so the editorial team can quickly locate images held on file.

Newsnet now needs its own dedicated server, upgraded software packages, to resolve issues with out-dated plug-ins and essential coding written for the new site.

The full story is on Indiego with details on how the money will be spent to support our team of volunteer writers and bring their voices to the fore.

If ever the state and privately owned media was a battleground dominated by a unionist agenda, we have not seen anything like what will happen when they realise a second Independence referendum is inevitable.

Please support the new chapters we will add to the Newsnet story. Did I mention the fundraiser link? Well here it is again